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Olva Courier Paita
Tipo Shop & Service Point
Dirección Paita, Perú
Horario de atención
Télefono +51 1 714 0909
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William Quintana (wm) - 2022-04-23


Pedroenrique Chingaflores - 2022-11-14

Excellent and fast service

Óscar Peralta Carrasco - 2022-09-30

very good attention, they are very fast 👌

Omar Cespedes - 2022-09-12

Fast, they notify you immediately of the arrival of your order.

Juan Juárez - 2021-06-06

The entrance hours, which is 9am, are punctual, the empathy of the managers, especially the receptionist who attends the date, at the beginning is a bit harsh and despises but then if you talk to him with manners, he can help you if you have any inconvenience, the Attention is a bit slow since there is only one receptionist (at least when I went), we must not forget our ID or license, to be able to collect our parcel, there is no other means to verify our identity and not forget our mask and alcohol.