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😁My parcel arrived on time without incident, very satisfied

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Shalom Empresarial
Tipo Shop & Service Point
Dirección Puno, Perú
Horario de atención
Télefono +51 1 500 7878
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Rimberto Idme Hañari - 2022-10-09


Berly Alberto Zuñiga Gutierrez - 2019-12-15


Britany G. Q. - 2022-10-21

Messrs. of Shalom, the service in many cases is good and half good.. what spoils it is the attention of your staff, the Ms. has no patience, we pay for our shipments and receipts, it is not a free favor, take letters in the matter regarding the window service staff. Thank you

Felix Choque - 2022-11-30

All good but train the staff in customer service, especially the reception and office staff.

Jaime Chavarry - 2022-10-28

My parcel arrived on time without incident, very satisfied